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Letter #2: The Visibility of the Invisible 

Dear Alchemist Letters My first year in Chemistry graduate school I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) along with some generalized anxiety issues. I had just escaped a long-term abusive relationship that involved stalking, verbal and physical assaults, and threats to myself and my family. I was plagued with nightmares and an ever-present fear…

Expert Response #1: “Like a Kid in a Candy Store” by Dr. Chrissy Stachl

There are several underlying issues within this letter, which are primarily grounded in unconscious bias and stereotypes that inundate the culture we live in. Before continuing, it’s important to define some terms: While it might seem harmless to a bystander to stand around staring at or even touching a Black woman’s hair, doing so is…

Letter #1: “Like a Kid in a Candy Store”

Hello Alchemist Letters, I get it, my hair is cool. Its curly. Its kinky. It is whatever I want it to be, because its mine. I understand for a lot of people my hair is so fascinating to the point that they can’t help but stare. I was use to it, especially being one of…

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