Call: Inclusive Mentorship

Submit to Our Inaugural Theme: “Inclusive Mentorship: The Want or Need

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Description: What does inclusive mentorship mean to you? Why is it integral to the advancement of your STEM field? How do you display it or challenge others to display it?

Author Criteria:

  • This open call is directed at undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, P.I.s, and professionals in STEM, STEM education, and related fields. Students need not have a faculty advisor, however proofreading from a faculty mentor is strongly suggested.

Format and Submission Details:

  • Title
  • No limit on authors
  • One cover image (cite source of image if not self created)
  • 500-1500 words not including citations
  • Body must directly address prompt, however may include creative design or approaches
  • Three – five references in ACS format
  • submitted as a .doc, .docx, or txt file
  • Corresponding author must have an account at the Alchemist Letters to submit.

Criteria for selection

  • Ideas were unique and presented in an informative engaging manner
  • Submission adhered to proper formatting
  • 3-4 Articles will be selected

Submission deadline: December 1st, 2022